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Mar 9, 2020

GMan joins Ted, Dex, and Adam to talk about the coronavirus in what may be our most irresponsible episode yet. Approach this subject with caution. We are not giving advice. The first hour starts off mostly like any other podcast covering Coronavirus® but the second hour we start getting into what we do best:...

Feb 17, 2020

Ted, Dex, and Joe start of talking about some guy named B*ttigieg and no one can pronounce it. Then a Big Dream, then over an hour of increasingly hot takes until we finally have to end the show lest our streak ends.

this is a good one y'all

sounds by @Deepsoy

Jan 31, 2020

Technical fucking difficulties aside, Joe, Dex, and Ted talk about Our Haunted Part 1, which is like seven whole chapters or something I dunno. It gets off the rails. It picks up the rails and body slams it into a pile of chairs. We're winging it tbh.

Heavily edited episode due to technical difficulties while recording....

Dec 13, 2019

Ted gives Joe a hard time and Dex does whatever is in his power to remain the only pure co host as we cover the last 10 chapters of John KEEL's  Operation Trojan Horse. We talk about hard-body/soft-body theory, we talk about planes, and we talk about ultraterrestrials a lot.


Please Clap.

Oct 28, 2019

Bird from the Friends Against Government Podcast joins us to talk about being abducted by Ultraterrestrials. But we talk a lot about sleep paralysis experiences except Dex who is a sleep normie.