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Mar 18, 2019

We discuss fox killing chickens, how Science invented the "Undo" command and tried to pass it off as time travel, and then continue to misquote John Keel's ideas.


Audio by @Deepsoy, interlude by Alex Jones Prison Planet


Chicken article

Shitty Science article:

Feb 20, 2019

we talk about hollow earth, wrap up jadoo, and constantly get off topic with a bunch of dumb stuff


sounds by deepsoy




Feb 6, 2019

We talk about a horrible wikipedia entry on cultural tracking and eventually start taking about John Keels book Jadoo

Sounds by @Deepsoy

Jan 9, 2019

Glitch in the Matrix (overrated 90's films btfo) Ted had a dumb idea and spent most of this episode talking about it while Joe calls it dumb. Dex is the only hope for decency in this world.


All sounds by Deep Soy on this episode (except intro soundbite)