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Jun 5, 2022

In this episode, Joe and Dexter sell out to the feds, discuss the absolute state of Qboomers, and have a discussion some might describe as deep about the media and the challenges of covering the Russia-Ukraine conflict as an American.

Deep Soy's stuff can be found here and on Lovecrypt:

Mar 7, 2022

Don't even remember what number we're on. Adam and Ted discuss All Kinds of Internet Shenanigans and how it might have Entirely Too Much to do with The Future of the Paranormalâ„¢.

Look out for Ted's appearence on the Spectral Skull Session Podcast.

Music as always by Deep Soy

Oct 17, 2021

Jake joins Joe, Adam, and Ted for a spooky season episode but is then held hostage for almost two hours as we talk about the Not Deer, Fresno Nightcrawler, John Keel, and getting old. Listen to the Damn Woods.

Musicky sounds by Deep Soy as always


links to some of the stuff we discuss:

Aug 31, 2021

Joe and Ted briefly discuss a listener submission and then talk about a terrifyingly boring book where a dude from the 50s gets abducted to antartica by flatwoods montserses. You'd think this premise interesting. Then you experience why it isn't. This episode gets sidetracked a lot so get ready for...

Jun 24, 2021

Gman joins Joe, Adam, and a pre-intoxicated Ted to discuss some of Joe's articles about a T word that is not testosterone in this episode that is definitely not sponsored by coors light (coors light please sponsor us we are desperate). Stay safe and for the love of all things decent stop fedposting on the...