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Mar 29, 2023

Joe and Dexter are supposed to talk about a Grayzone article about the war in Bosnia, but just end up talking about the history of the Balkans instead. We mostly talk about Serbia and Croatia. There will be a part 2.

If you are an Ustaše enjoyer, please email in your thoughts to Joe at

Sep 30, 2022

a month ago Joe and Dex recorded an episode covering the raid at mar-a-lago for some reason and discuss the framing tactics of the media. I was going to try my damndest to find a john keel reference in here but I have failed


sounds by Deepsoy

Sep 19, 2022

we talk for a while


Music by Deepsoy

Jun 5, 2022

In this episode, Joe and Dexter sell out to the feds, discuss the absolute state of Qboomers, and have a discussion some might describe as deep about the media and the challenges of covering the Russia-Ukraine conflict as an American.

Deep Soy's stuff can be found here and on Lovecrypt:

Mar 7, 2022

Don't even remember what number we're on. Adam and Ted discuss All Kinds of Internet Shenanigans and how it might have Entirely Too Much to do with The Future of the Paranormal™.

Look out for Ted's appearence on the Spectral Skull Session Podcast.

Music as always by Deep Soy